Together, we can change
the world, a brand, a life.

Our job, like yours, offers the opportunity to make a difference.  Working together to make that happen is why we get up in the morning. We’ve found this philosophy creates a company with a central heart and soul—and strong individual performances.  Our clients have found it creates a dedicated and flexible organization that produces highly integrated strategies and creative.

We believe you’ll find it’s also what makes our concepts connect with your customers to engage them in your brand—and in your message.

Leading our team are three women, each with three decades of experience in marketing and branding for healthcare and technology.

Julia Darden-Lentz

Julia Darden, Brand Strategist

Julia is passionate about words. As and English major at UCLA, Julia immersed herself in the words of some of the greatest storytellers of the last thousand years and discovered the power they had to impact emotions and history.  In her early years as a technical writer and copywriter, she learned how words could educate and sell.  Today, she knows that a single word can be the core of a company or the future of a product.

She leads our team in:

  • Brand Development
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Brand Naming and Verbal Identity
  • Inbound Strategy and Content Creation



Cathy Lentz, Creative Strategist

Cathy is passionate about the power of art. Art that communicates a message has fascinated Cathy since she studied Design at UCLA.  Her personal artwork is focused on creating conversations and driving change.  She brought that aesthetic and drive to DardenLentz when she founded the company in 1986, and she continues to bring it to every project today.  She proves every day that the cliche is truer today than ever before:   a picture–the right picture–is worth a thousand words.

She leads our team in:

  • Creative Strategy Development
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Web Strategy and Digital Design
  • Advertising, Collateral, and Presentations


Jacqueline Murray, Marketing Strategist

Jacqueline is passionate about solving puzzles.  What makes the earth tick drove Jacqueline to a Masters in Applied Science from Canada's University of Waterloo.  What makes businesses successful drove her to an MBA from Queen's University.  She approaches every challenge as the scientist she is, and today her favorite puzzles are markets and customer's minds.

She leads our team in:

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Launch Strategy and Planning
  • Research/Customer Insight
  • Sales Training Program Development