A Unique Perspective.

A Human One.



We're not just B2B marketers.
We're B2H communicators.

We don’t just market to surgeons, lab managers, oncologists, or engineers.  We communicate with human beings. Our job is to understand your customer and what keeps him up at night.  What makes it a fist-pumping good day for him.  Our job is to understand his emotions and his priorities at every phase of his customer journey. Our job is to communicate with him to engage him with your brand, guide his choices, and help you earn his loyalty. Our job is our vocation.
And we love it.

We contribute to the success
of healthcare and technology clients,


From the initial positioning workshop to the campaign theme, DL delivered strategies and creative ideas that generated excitement, both internally—and with our customers and sales team.
— Global Product Marketing Manager, Fortune 100 Medical Device Manufacturer
The DL Team is a valuable addition to our marketing organization. They bring creativity, strategic thinking and innovative direction (with a sprinkle of FUN) to our initiatives.
— Manager, Product Development and Brand Marketing, Laboratory Supplier
DL’s creativity exceeded my expectations time after time. The product stories they created allowed our reps to communicate a clear message without getting lost in the details of very complex products.
— Senior Product Manager, Diagnostic Laboratory
DL’s creative made our brand stand out in crowded field. And my customers actually quoted our positioning back to our sales reps. It clearly connected with them.
— Senior Product Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer

What does your customer REALLY care about?